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What is the difference between fill dirt and topsoil?

Updated: 12/29/2015
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Answer: Fill dirt is a sandy to a clay base dirt. Topsoil is more organic and has humus in it witch is broken down plants.
B- Sharp Property Maintenance
Answer: Fill dirt is just for filling in areas that needed to be brought up to a different grade and that will have good compaction top soil has your higher nutrients for planting ( grass ,plant,ect. )
Carolina Ground Solutions Inc
Answer: Top soil is more cleaner as to fill dirt is used for filling in deep areas so it has more rock and things in it topsoil is more for landscape around the house
Real quality outdoor care
Answer: Topsoil is a finely screened organic soil. Topsoil contains 30% compost, giving it a dark, rich look. Topsoil is a preferred growing medium for most plants, and of course, grass. ... Subsoil, or fill, as it is commonly referred to, is cheaper than topsoil.
Lawn Ranger
Answer: Fill is usually sand heavy where top is more organic based.
Warco Landscapes
Answer: Topsoil is a finely screened organic soil. Topsoil contains 30% compost, giving it a dark, rich look. Topsoil is a preferred growing medium for most plants, and of course, grass. ... Subsoil, or fill, as it is commonly referred to, is cheaper than topsoil.
Roots 'n Shoots LLC
Answer: Fill dirt may have stones boulders ect ascot were top soil is screened and mixed with compost to add nutrients
Aries Landscape & Construction
Answer: Fill dirt is very rough and can serve as a base for topsoil. It should never be used for grass seeding and does not include any organic matter.
Kevin Catalano Gardening & Design
Answer: Top soil is cleaner
Hardscaping Plus
Answer: Top soil is specifically for plants and grass because it is soil with added fertilizers
Innovation Landscaping LLC
Answer: Fill dirt is what’s beneath for stability. It’s comprised of sands, clays and broken down rock. Fill dirt has no organic materials. Topsoil is what you grow plants in and has a high percentage of organic material. Topsoil is this much less stable than fill dirt.
RL Residential Services
Answer: Fill dirt can have rocks, roots and debris Topsoil is clean dirt and may manure mixed in
Live Oak Landscape & Concrete
Answer: Fill dirt can contain earthy materials and pieces of debris that topsoil will not.You use fill dirt for mounds or to fill up a big hole.
Affordacut LLC
Answer: Fill dirt is usually soil that isnt clean or filtered usually clay or soil that can only be used for filler. Topsoil is used for sod installation and tree and plant installation
AHS Pro Landscape
Answer: topsoil is very high quality
Attractive Landscaping
Answer: Topsoil is preferred over fill dirt when planting or laying grass, it's organically higher in grade due to its mixture of compost.
Xtream Stumpgrinding Inc.
Answer: Top soil has compost in it along with other nutrients and is darker in color and is made for growing things and fill dirt is just dirt, not a lot of nutrients or anything in it.
J & J Removal Services, LLC
Answer: Top soil has the best chance of seed germination
Answer: Topsoil is cleaner/screened better.
DB Tractor Works
Answer: Fill dirt has rocks and other debris in it topsoil is screened
Roop's Lawn Services, LLC
Answer: Fill dirt is just to fill.Top soil contains 30% more is better for for growing plants and grass
Perfect landsacping
Answer: The material called fill dirt, or only fill, typically contains topsoil, but it also contains rocky subsoil and lots of other material in a mixture without a standard composition. The topsoil in the first 4 to 12 inches of Earth’s covering supports the roots of a variety of plant roots -- the nutrient gatherers. Successful topsoil contains nitrogen, carbon and other nutrients.
Selena's Landscape, Design & Tree Service, LLC
Answer: Fill dirt has no nutrients
Lawn Care by Curt
Answer: top soil is dirt used to plant fill dirt fill in area that is to low or holes
Affordable Lawn Care of Crestwood
Answer: Topsoil is basically different kinds of organic matter that is the cane overtime. It is usually a lot darker in color, and has been screened to remove any gravel rocks sticks.
Land Tech Landscapes
Answer: Greenplay is a natural infill alternative that provides cooler temperatures and a safe, non-toxic environment. It stays clean, even during rainstorms and will not track into your home. Dirt and topsoil do not provide these benefits.
Greenplay Organics
Answer: Topsoil is just want to is the top layer of soil before it has been disturbed by man. It typically is darker in color however it is not necessarily black. Fill dirt is just dirt dug from a borrow area. It is typically reddish, has rocks in it, and is used to fill in holes, behind walls, or just low area.
Walkers Green, Inc
Answer: Topsoil contains more nutrients that grass needs and fill dirt is generally a sand and rock soil that does not have favorable ph and nutrients for grass growth
Green Seed Landscaping
Answer: Fill dirt is just that and may contain debris where as 'topsoil' should be a blend of native soil and compost at a rate of 70% compost to30 % native soil.
Gary Krause Landscaping and Design
Answer: quality
Answer: I always some use topsoil which has fertilizer and manure mixed in as fill dirt. It doesn't cost any more than topsoil. Although I know some companies that will take "fill dirt" from an empty lot and deliver and install it in the customers yard. Fill dirt has disease, weeds and other harmful products mixed in.
Salinas Lawn Services
Answer: Fill dirt is normally low quality not screened and has junk in it , topsoil usually has a percentage of compost and is usually screened to get all the bigger rocks and other garbage out of it
Black Dirt Services LLC
Answer: Fill dirt is any dirt, topsoil has nutrients.
BlueMark Water
Answer: Top soil has been through a screening process and is a better soil
Pinnacle Landscape and Maintenance
Answer: top soil is soil fill dirt is a mixture of dirt and debris mix
chesapeake bay landscaping
Answer: Fill dirt is not sifted and is used for area to fill in holes . where as top soil is sifted and may have small pieces of debris and it is used for the top layer for a lawn or new garden etc/
CreekSide LawnCare LLC
Answer: topsoil is sifted and has better nutrients than fill dirt.
Sod Sales Direct
Answer: Top soil is usually clear of large debris, more organic in content and can be specified as to the soil textural quality.
Fall Guys LLC
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